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Australia is a dream study destination for many around the world! It is known to be the 6th largest country with a population of nearly 24 million. In this immensely urbanized country, people are grouped in small areas around major cities. “Lucky Country” is a common national narrative hailed in Australia as it offers a comfortable quality of life and economic security to the people. The social environment of the country is egalitarianism which considers people with equal rights and opportunities for all. In other words, the country is known to have a classless society. As for education, Australia offers some of the best universities in the world, a great student experience and qualifications valued by employers around the world.

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Australian Education System

Australia holds a distinct recognition worldwide to offer premium quality higher education in diverse ranging fields. There are 41 universities in Australia. Among them 37 are government-funded universities while 3 are private and 1 is private international university. Each of these universities provide incredible opportunities for research-based study with an equal focus on theoretical and practical learning.

Skill development is indispensable for any profession in today’s world. One can become self-dependent with quality vocational training. Australia particularly plays a substantial role in this regard. They provide ample vocational training on subjects such as- information technology, business services, art & media, tourism & hospitality, child care, construction, mining, manufacturing and rural industries. After completing the vocational course, individuals can choose to either join the workforce or pursue higher education.

Education is mandatory between the ages of 6 to 17 years.

English language tuition is offered by more than 210 institutions located all over Australia, in major cities as well as country centers.


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New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, UK, and USA are safe as higher study destinations.

Canada, UK, and USA provide PR after completing education.

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